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Reseller Linux Hosting (Details)

Affordable/Cheap Reseller Linux Reseller HostingUrja Online provides Reliable & cheap Reseller hosting services for Linux. We provides the best combination of power, flexibility and service for your web hosting need.Our mission is to make Reseller Web Hosting  easy and affordable !
Reseller Programe for Linux HostingWe offer several Low cost Linux reseller web hosting plans to choose from all with  awesome features that you won't find even on more expensive dedicated reseller web hosting plans.Our Linux Hosting support features like PHP,Perl,Java, Servlet, MySQL, JSP, Apache, Front Page etc.
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Choose Windows Resellers Hosting Services if you want:-
To offer PHP,Perl,Java, Servlet,
   MySQL, JSP, Apache
  To setup multiples / unlimited
    domains/ sub domains
   Low cost hosting solution
 Fast & Reliable Hosting 

Learn more Windows Vs Linux..
We don't overload our web Hosting servers with hundreds of web sites. We provide even entry-level clients with first-class security, reliability, and service.

Reseller Linux Hosting Plan

RLH50 RLH100 RLH250 RLH500 RLH1000
Main Features
Basic Details
Disk space / Web space 50 MB 100 MB 250 MB 500MB 1000MB
Monthly Traffic / Bandwidth 500 MB 1 GB 2.5 GB 5 GB 10 GB
Allowed Hosted Domains 5 10 25 50 100
Setup fees Free Free Free Free Free
Monthly Charges $10 $15 $25 $35 $45
Yearly Charges $ 110 $ 165 $ 275 $385 $495

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( account is setup immediately in typically 3-12 hours ) ,
Registering / transferring  a domain name  ( Economical domain -  $7  | Business Domain - $11 ) see more ..
Developer Features

My SQL Support

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
phpmyadmin (latest stable version) Yes
JSP ( (latest stable version) Yes (not available on Cpanel Linux hosting )
Java Servelets (latest stable version) Yes (version can be updated as per the need)
Perl 5 Yes
CGI support Yes
Jakarta-Tomcat (latest stable version) Yes (version can be updated as per the need)
Server Side Includes (SSI) Enabled Yes
Private CGI-BIN No No No No No
Send Mail Yes
Archive Manager (Online Zip/Unzip) Yes (not available on Cpanel Linux hosting )
FrontPage Extensions Server 2000 Yes
Name Based Hosting Yes
Independent IP Based Hosting /Trial No (available on Cpanel Linux hosting )
SSH / Telnet Access Yes ( need identity proof due to security concern )
DNS Administration Yes
Network Trouble Shooter Yes (not available on Cpanel Linux hosting )

Independent  Directories Protection

Name Servers (DNS)  Anonymous Anonymous  Anonymous Anonymous  Anonymous
e-Mail Features
POP3 / SMTP access Yes
Number of e-mail Accounts / IDs 50 100 250 Unlimited Unlimited
Auto forwarders 50 100 250 Unlimited Unlimited
Email Alias 50 100 250 Unlimited Unlimited
Auto responder 50 100 250 Unlimited Unlimited
Catch-all address Yes
Mail Manager (create/edit/delete) Yes
Web Based Email Interface Yes
Round the clock support Yes
Reseller Features
Independent Administration Panel Yes ( on CPanel Linux hosting this option is available for 1 GB plans onwards)
Private Label Branding Yes
Direct Domains/Sub domain Creation Yes
Direct Reseller / Sub Reseller Creation Yes ( on CPanel Linux hosting this option is not there )
Unlimited User Control Panel Yes
Visual Client Resource Monitoring Yes
Name Servers (DNS)  Anonymous  Anonymous  Anonymous Anonymous  Anonymous
Preinstalled components
Form Mail Yes
Text Counter Yes
Master Search Yes
Custom components Installation No
Fantastico Scripts with 30 + components are available on our Linux Panel with CPanel / WHM control panel
Server Information
Server Type High Speed Red Hat Linux 7.1 ,Dual Hard Disk, Apache
Country location USA
Processor Intel Pentium III / Pentium IV
RAM 1-2 GB
Uptime 99.5 %
Power System Clean UPS Power & Generator Backup System
Line Speed Redundant 8GBPS Bandwidth Faster than T3. Cisco Routers Used
 Backup Yes
Load Balancing & Monitoring Yes
Billing information ( please see above)

Reseller Linux Hosting Plan

RLH50 RLH100 RLH250 RLH500 RLH1000

At Urja Online, we believe that providing great, affordable/cheap web hosting services is only the beginning. What about support? If a problem occurs, how quickly can you get help? Urja Online provides you a number of ways to get an answer quickly and efficiently worldwide whether you stay in USA or in some other geographical location.

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