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Legal: Terms of Use (TOU)
Upon signing up for Urja Online's services, all customers agree to comply with Urja Online's Terms of Use (“TOU”). The spirit of the TOU is to ensure customers are using Urja Online's services with due regard to the rights of other Internet users and in conformity with the requirements of Urja Online's network environment. The TOU are not exhaustive and Urja Online reserves the right to add, delete, or modify any provision of its TOU at any time without notice, effective upon either the posting of the modified TOU to  or notification of the modified TOU. Any complaints about a customer’s violation of the TOU should be sent to .

A. All Urja Online Customers
B. Urja Online Web Hosting & E-commerce Customers

A. All Urja Online Customers

The following Terms of Use apply to ALL Urja Online customers:

Illegal Use

Urja Online servers may be used for lawful purposes only. Transmission, storage, or distribution of any information, data, or material in violation of any applicable law or regulation, or that may directly facilitate the violation of any particular law or regulation is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material; trademarks; trade secrets or other intellectual property rights used without proper authorization; material that is obscene, defamatory, constitutes an illegal threat, or violates export control laws.


Sending unsolicited bulk and/or commercial messages over the Internet (known as "spamming") is prohibited, regardless of whether or not it overloads a server or disrupts service to Urja Online’s customers. The term "spamming" also includes, but is not limited to, maintaining an open SMTP policy, engaging in spamming using the service of another ISP or IPP and referencing in the spam a web site hosted on a Urja Online server, and selling or distributing software (on a web site residing on a Urja Online server) that facilitates spamming. Violators will be assessed a minimum fine of $100 and will face immediate suspension. Urja Online reserves the right to determine, in its sole and absolute discretion, what constitutes a violation of this provision.

System and Network Abuse

Violations of system or network security are prohibited and may result in criminal and civil liability. Examples of system or network security violations include, without limitation the following: unauthorized access to or use of data, systems or networks, including any attempt to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of a system or network or to breach security or authentication measures without express authorization of the owner of the system or network; interference with service to any user, host or network including, without limitation, mail bombing, flooding, deliberate attempts to overload a system and broadcast attacks; forging of any TCP-IP packet header or any part of the header information in an email or a newsgroup posting.

Viruses and Other Destructive Activities

Use of Urja Online’s services or equipment for creating or sending Internet viruses, worms or Trojan horses, or for pinging, flooding or mail bombing, or engaging in denial of service attacks is prohibited. It is also prohibited for any customer to engage in other activity that is intended to disrupt or interfere with, or that results in the disruption of or interference with, the ability of others to effectively use Urja Online’s services and equipment (or any connected network, system, service or equipment) or conduct their business over the Internet.

Child Pornography

The use of Urja Online’s services to store, post, display, transmit, advertise or otherwise make available child pornography is prohibited. Urja Online is required by law, and will, notify law enforcement agencies when it becomes aware of the presence of child pornography on, or being transmitted through, its services.


All payments are subject to Urja Online’s Billing Policy located at  . By supplying your credit card for the payment of Urja Online charges, you authorize Urja Online to automatically charge your credit or debit card for charges that apply to your account. Recurring charges will be posted to your credit card until such time that you cancel your account in accordance with Urja Online’s Billing Policy.


Urja Online is concerned with the privacy of on-line communications and web sites. In general, the Internet is neither more nor less secure than other means of communication, including mail, facsimile, and voice telephone service, all of which can be intercepted and otherwise compromised. As a matter of prudence, however, Urja Online urges its customers to assume that all of their on-line communications are insecure. Urja Online cannot take any responsibility for the security of information transmitted over Urja Online's facilities. Additional details on privacy and Urja Online’s use of customer information can be found in Urja Online’s Privacy Statement located at .

Customer Responsibility

Customers are required to use the Urja Online network responsibly. This includes respecting the other customers of Urja Online. Urja Online reserves the right to suspend and/or cancel service with any customer who uses the Urja Online network in such a way that adversely affects other Urja Online customers. While Urja Online may monitor its service electronically to determine that its facilities are operating satisfactorily, as a general practice, Urja Online does not monitor its customers' communications or activities to determine whether they are in compliance with the TOU. However, when Urja Online becomes aware of any violation of the TOU or other user agreements, Urja Online may take any action to stop or correct such violation, including, but not limited to, denying access to Urja Online’s services and equipment or to the Internet. In addition, Urja Online may take action against a customer or a customer of such customer because of the activities of such customer. Urja Online anticipates that customers who offer Internet services will cooperate with Urja Online in any corrective or preventive action that Urja Online deems necessary. Failure to cooperate with such corrective or preventive measures is a violation of Urja Online policy and Urja Online reserves the right to take any such action even though such action may affect other customers of the Urja Online customer.

B. Urja Online Web Hosting & E-commerce Customers

The following Terms of Use apply only to Urja Online’s Web Hosting and E-Commerce customers, and supplement the terms above in section A that apply to all Urja Online customers:

Server Resources

Any web site that uses a high amount of server resources (such as, but not limited to, CPU time, memory usage, and network resources) will be given the option to either pay additional fees (which will depend on the resources required), reduce the resources used to an acceptable level, or upgrade its service to a Dedicated Server plan. Urja Online shall be the sole arbiter of what is considered to be a high server usage level. All Web Hosting and E-Commerce accounts come with a limit of 5,000 files per account. Each block of 5,000 files after the initial 5,000 will incur an additional charge of $9.95/month. Any Web Hosting and E-Commerce account deemed to be adversely affecting server performance or network integrity will be shut down without prior notice.

CGI Scripts

Any scripts that pose a potential security risk or are deemed to be adversely affecting server performance or network integrity will be shut down or will be automatically removed without prior notice. Urja Online does not permit CGI script sharing with domains not hosted by Urja Online or any scripts that may be abused for UCE purposes.

Chat Rooms

Urja Online does not allow Web Hosting and E-Commerce customers to install their own chat rooms. Chat rooms tend to require significant system resources and therefore cannot be permitted as an account option. However, for a small charge, Urja Online provides Java chat rooms that meet most users' needs and run without hindering system performance.

Background Running Programs and Cron Jobs

Urja Online may allow programs to run in the background. These programs will be considered on an individual basis and Web Hosting and E-Commerce customers will incur extra charges based on system resources used and operational maintenance needed. If you wish to run background programs please contact Urja Online at so that we can arrange set-up.


Urja Online does not allow IRC or IRC bots to be operated by Web Hosting  customers.

Software Distribution

Urja Online's Web Hosting and E-Commerce accounts are not configured for the purposes of distributing software and/or multimedia products. If you wish to distribute software and/or multimedia files, please contact sales@Urj  to make special arrangements.

Multimedia Files

Multimedia files are defined as any graphics, audio, and video files. Urja Online Web Hosting and E-Commerce accounts are not to be used for the purposes of distributing and storing unusual amounts of multimedia files. Any web site whose disk space usage for storing multimedia files exceeds 70% of its total usage, in terms of total size or number of files, will be considered to be using an unusual amount of multimedia files.


Any database stored on Urja Online's Web Hosting  servers shall be limited in size to 10% of the total disk space allotted for that particular domain's plan/web hosting account.

Adult Content

Due to the special system and network requirements of adult-oriented sites, pornography and sex-related merchandising are prohibited for Web Hosting and E-Commerce customers. This includes sites that may infer sexual content or provide links to adult content elsewhere. This is also true for sites that promote any illegal activity or content that may be damaging to our servers or any other server on the Internet, or provide links to such sites.
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